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If you require bespoke pastry for your business then this is for you! We have huge capabilities when it comes to bespoke products as our machines go above and beyond expectations. We can make pie lids & shells, pastry circles and shortcrust pastry!

These are some of our most sold products but we have many more sizes/products available! Get in touch for enquiries.

SPECIAL OFFER: 6kg pastry blocks price matched PLUS 20% OFF your current supplier - Guaranteed.

pastry 1.png

6kg puff pastry blocks

We have the capacity to make as many blocks as you require. Our blocks are 6kg each, perfect for small bakeries to large manufacturers. We have the machinery to customise your products to exactly how you want it but we're confident you'll love ours just the way it is!

rolled pastry.png

10kg puff pastry PINNED ROLLS

Pinned pastry rolls are extremely versatile, it can be used for both sweet and savoury products. These pastry rolls are manufactured with a special technique to create layers and trap air in-between to help give it the rise that you need.

pastry 3.png

 puff pastry LIDS 4"

Thanks to our amazing team of pastry experts and efficient machines, we can produce tonnes of Puff Pastry Lids at great prices. This is great if you prefer to use your own pastry breaker to get the final product.


puff pastry LIDS 4.5"

Our pastries are of the highest standards and quality. Made with precision and our customer's best interests in mind. Perfect for desserts and other dishes.

pie lid.png

puff pastry LIDS 7"

These lids are produced by experts and efficient machines. They offer a high variety of uses and allow you to concentrate on the products you are creating whilst leaving the pastry with us, saving you time and cost!

pie shell.png

puff pastry Round Pie SHELLS 4.3"

These bases are professionally crafted for bakers who require detail to their dishes. They can be used for both filling and baking. These are available in different sizes.

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