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From Schools to Colleges to Universities its crucial

the foods that students eat are nutritionally satisfying & tasty!

We hear far too often that the foods currently being supplied does not meet the governments healthy eating standards and there's a trend towards more balanced meals.


Studies show that foods with lower sodium and sugar levels help students concentrate and work better and we specifically manufacture for schools and colleges to meet this requirement whilst maintaining our high quality ingredients and taste!


We have a range of standard meal packages from medium to large vegetarian pies and pasties to apple pies and soon to be meat products!

We can also work with you to create a new recipe or use your current recipe and mass produce this for you to save on time and cost.

All of our ingredients are vetted through our strict BRC purchasing policy and we ensure our suppliers hold the highest accreditations to ensure you know your food is being upheld to the highest standards, at all times.

We are so confident in the processes we use for production that we allow external audits so you too can have confidence in how your food is made by seeing it all for yourself.

Contact us via email now for further details and to speak to one of the team.

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