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Healthy Pizza


From Schools to Colleges to Universities its crucial

the foods that students eat are nutritionally satisfying & tasty!

We hear far too often that the foods currently being supplied does not meet the governments healthy eating standards and there's a trend towards more balanced meals.


Research show that foods with lower sodium and sugar levels help students concentrate and work better and we specifically manufacture for schools and colleges to meet this requirement whilst maintaining our high quality ingredients and taste!

balanced lunch

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Our catering services for schools and students are aimed at promoting healthy eating while ensuring that meals taste great. With our range of nutritionally balanced (low salt, sugar, fat) and low GI meals, we make sure that students get the energy they need to perform at their best. Whether it's medium to large vegetarian pies and pasties, fruit pies, or any other menu item, we never compromise on taste. Trust us to help maintain attention and support healthy eating habits within your school.

Need a recipe mass produced? Our food manufacturing team can help! We specialize in creating high-quality food products while also saving you time and money. We work together with you to create a recipe that meets your exact needs or use your own recipe to ensure that your product tastes exactly as you envision it. 

When it comes to purchasing ingredients, we don't compromise on quality. Our sourcing policy is designed to meet the most rigorous standards, while adhering to strict BRC protocols. We pride ourselves on vetting our suppliers and regularly reviewing their certifications to ensure the highest quality ingredients - because we know that's what your students deserve.

Mini Quiches

Government standards for schools and academies in England dictate strict guidelines and we work within these to create a fantastic tasting and healthy alternative for students. 


These standards make sure that school lunches always include:


  • one or more portions of fruit and vegetables every day

  • one or more portions of starchy food, such as bread or pasta every day

  • a portion of food containing milk or dairy every day

  • a portion of meat or poultry on 3 or more days each week

  • oily fish once or more every 3 weeks

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